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Interior Design: Contact a St. Louis DesignerIf you're visiting this page, I assume you have some issue with your home interior design for which you are at least considering getting professional help. I am here to assist you. No residential interior design problem is too big or too small.

I am happy to help with a simple question, such as is a particular chair, or an accessory or any other item the right one for your home or a room in your home; or simple guidance with color selection or how to use color in your home, or any other smaller interior design problem. Bigger interior design problems I can assist with might include a kitchen redesign, or furniture selection for an entire home, or the complete redecoration or remodel of one room or several rooms or even your entire house!

Whether you need a little residential interior design help or a great deal of assistance or anything in between, I would be happy to guide you.

I also offer shopping services to find the items you seek whether I have helped you decide which items are needed, or you already know what you need.

The initial consultation, a good place to start

The initial consultation is a good place to start for residential interior design. Usually an initial consultation should last one or two hours or occasionally longer depending on your needs and should be set up after I have reviewed your pre-consultation questionnaire. The pre-consultation questionnaire is included below for you to fill out. You may fill it out and submit it here, or print it and contemplate the queries if needed and come back to submit it here when ready.

Pre-consultation Questionnaire:

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Download the Complete Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Filling out a pre-consultation questionnaire allows our first meeting to have more direction and therefore be a better use of both our times.

Our initial consultation and almost all of our meetings will take place in your home, since we are considering the interior design of that space as the object of our meeting. The exception to this would be if we need to meet at a source such as a retail or to-the-trade type of space to review selections before you purchase them.

During our initial consultation, I would like to see every inch of your home including all closets, even if you are only interested in the interior design of one room. The reason for this is that often clients do not realize that they already own the perfect piece of artwork or the perfect chair or some other item for the space they are seeking to improve and it is in another room of their house not being utilized to its full potential.

Viewing closets and other storage areas of the home allow me to see exactly how much space a home has that possibly isn't being utilized to its best potential thus allowing me to give you the best advice I can for your overall interior design plans. I am not looking around to be "nosy" nor am I there to judge you on cleanliness or organizational skills. Above all I know that often disorganization is a result of interior design that is not functioning correctly for the users of the space rather than a lack of organizational skill. You will not need to empty closets though so that I can see the space, in fact, I want to see them exactly as you use them, whether that be brimming over with items or almost completely empty, organized neatly or a piled mess where you can never find anything. Complete honesty between us will bring about the best results for your home.

In short, I want to see the entire space you occupy as you currently utilize it so that we can together create for your interiors a space that truly works for how you live.

In metropolitan St. Louis, I work in the areas of St. Louis City, University City, Clayton, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Town & Country, Ladue, Frontenac, Glendale, Sunset Hills, Maplewood, and Brentwood, amongst others. I look forward to working with you!